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About Breathwork

Breathwork is a healing therapy that uses conscious circular breathing to unlock an altered state of consciousness. The accelerated breath clears emotional blocks and stagnant energy from the mind and body.
Conscious circular breathwork increases the circulation of oxygen through the body, which activates different areas of the brain to create new neural pathways for a deeper awareness and stronger sense of self, while releasing unresolved emotions and trauma.

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About Alexa

Alexa Shackelford is a Certified Breathwork Facilitator, Sound and Reiki Practitioner, and space holder with thousands of hours of facilitation experience. Weaving together breath, sound, and energy work, she creates a healing container that allows people to heal from past trauma and align with their highest potential. Everything she shares has grown out of her own healing journey, allowing her to provide compassionate wisdom for her community. Alexa is passionate about guiding others back home to their own sacred truth, because she knows that's where we find the peace we all deeply desire.

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Remote Private Breathwork Session 

90 Minutes (Zoom) 

A personalized breathwork journey.

(Reiki and Energy work is included) 

Private Breathwork and Sound Healing Session

90 Minutes (In Person) 

A personalized breathwork and sound journey.

(Reiki and Energy work is included)

Group Breathwork

Contact me for group sessions or private events.


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Alexa led me through a powerful and deeply clearing breathwork session recently. She holds such a safe space in which I felt totally comfortable dropping into my body despite my unfamiliarity with active breathwork. I’ll definitely be doing more. 
- Whitney

Upcoming Events

Retreats and Events



Embark on a spiritual getaway. Awaken untapped creative potential. Illuminate your purpose.​

Retreat to Lake Atitlan,


April 23-30 2024

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Breathwork has changed my life on my own personal healing journey and I can't wait to share this beautiful practice with you. If you have any questions regarding my services, please feel free to contact me. I am so excited to hear from you!

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